Lingerie Brand Aerie Isn’t Retouching Its Models With Photoshop For Its New Ad Campaign

The Aerie Real campaign is aimed using models who haven’t been digitally enhanced.

The company hopes to make normal women feel good about their bodies and is even asking women to use the #AerieREAL hashtag to share photos of themselves.

The lingerie brand, American Eagle’s sister store, is aimed at young women, in the hope they’ll have a better sense of body confidence from the campaign.

And while Aerie’s models are gorgeous women without Photoshop, it probably sends a better message than the alternative…

source: Buzzfeed



Aerie launched a new campaign featuring un-retouched, 100% real girls. Birthmarks, stretch marks, tattoos, bellies and all. So many “real” campaigns have just been about adding plus sized models to advertising. I think that taking away photoshop is a MUCH bigger deal and a step in the right direction! I’m really hoping this is something that sticks!



So according to Victoria’s Secret I can love my body if my waist is the size my thigh currently is, if I am 5’ 9”, if I have long slightly wavy brown or blonde hair, and if I am either white or one very specific shade of brown. Thanks for that, I’ll log that away.

[edit] I’ve made kind of a follow up post here since this thing just like exploded and I’ve been getting messages about it.